Taxi services. Ventspils.

Why choose us MS-VR Ventspils taxi

MS-VR Ventspils Taxi - ilggadēja pieredze

Many years of experience

Our company has at least 20 years of experience in business – we are well-known and trusted locally.

MS-VR Ventspils Taxi - kompetenti darbinieki

Competent staff

Our intelligent and competent people will serve our clients the best and quickiest way.

MS-VR Ventspils Taxi - komforts


Five and seven seater cabs for your comfort.

Seat belt and child seat usage in our cabs

Our cabs have become equipped with child seats for the little ones. Therefore we strongly recommend that our clients inform us about little children going with them when ordering a cab.

Seat belt and child seat usage is not only our request – road traffic regulations of Latvia (article #185) require child seat (adjusted to child's age and weight) and seat belt usage in car by children whose height is less that 150 cm (4 ft 11 in).

Care should be taken not only for children's, but also for your own security, therefore we recommend seat belt usage for our clients as well. This is also required by road traffic regulations of Latvia (article #23) – people not using seat belts can be fined if the car is stopped by traffic police. Taxi driver does not bear responsibility for our clients not using seat belts, but will remind to do this when you enter the cab.

MS-VR Ventspils taxi

We have been in taxi business since 1997.

We generally offer transportation by cab in Ventspils and its vicinity, but we are ready to bring our customers to any destination within Latvia and beyond (Lithuania is a common destination for us).